GEE Angry Birds 728X90 (AIX 2016)
A female airport security officer escorts a handcuffed male through an airport. There is a motion blur as well as a 'zoom blur' effect to emphasize the energy and severity of the situation. Processed from a 16bit RAW file in Adobe RGB and professionally retouched. Thanks for checking it out!

IATA seeks international cooperation to combat unruly passengers

By asking all countries represented at the 39th ICAO Assembly now underway to ratify the Montreal Protocol 2014 on unruly passengers, IATA i... Continue Reading


Aireon still targets early 2018 operations despite SpaceX delay

Aireon still expects to begin offering space-based ADS-B air traffic management surveillance data feeds to all its air navigation service provider (ANSP) custom... Continue Reading


To Buy. To Serve: British Airways goes full Ryanair on shorthaul food

It’s official: British Airways is replacing its passenger-cherished free bar service and light snack on European economy services with the s... Continue Reading


Gogo pushes forward on next-gen ATG; 100Mbit ahead

High speed in-flight internet service is getting a boost from Gogo. The company detailed its updated ATG service today, expecting 100Mbps pe... Continue Reading

LCD arrival board - Munich Airport, Germany

Comparable Europe, US on-time performances hide ATM differences

Although Europe and the continental US achieved almost-identical levels of punctuality in commercial flight departures and arrivals in 2015,... Continue Reading


One-on-one with Gogo’s new COO John Wade

Gogo recently promoted longtime industry veteran John Wade to the role of executive vice president and Chief Operating Officer with responsi... Continue Reading


Crystal’s private cruise jet misses on the hard product

Cruise line Crystal’s new jet looks beautiful in some areas, and redefines the onboard dining area in particular. My RGN colleague Cynthia D... Continue Reading

Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330-200 Fleet

Aloha to the A380? Why it seems unlikely for Hawaiian

Hawaiian Airlines is the latest rumored customer for the Airbus A380 and it may be the US carrier best suited to acquire the type. But will ... Continue Reading

Crystal Luxury Air Boeing 777-200ER photographed on January 7, 2016 from Wolfe Air Learjet 25B.

When a cruise line designs an airline

Today is the first day of fall in 2016. It is also likely the first time you’re reading the words “Crystal AirCruise”. By this time next yea... Continue Reading

French flat

IFE Film Review: Roommates Wanted is frothy but flawed French fun

Great French comedies are like chocolate soufflés, if baked to perfection they have a light, airy quality that warms the soul like so much m... Continue Reading


#PaxEx TV: Flying the Cuban skies and unorthodox airline marketing

In this episode of #PaxEx TV, RGN correspondent Seth Miller shares the thrill of being on the first scheduled flight between the US and Cuba... Continue Reading


#PaxEx TV: Flying small for free parking and no TSA hassles

Episode 10 of our monthly aviation web series #PaxEx TV is all about the little guy. This month, our host and RGN founder Mary Kirby visits Lancaster Airport, a... Continue Reading